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Bookings/Enquiries tel: 0845 5191 654 or Mobile: 07896 972794

Email: DADWcrewe@yahoo.com

Welcome to Dial a Dog Wash Sandbach. We are a mobile dog grooming service that covers Sandbach,  Wheelock, Ettiley Heath

 Elworth, Middlewich, Winterley, Haslington, Weston, Wychwood Park.


If your location is not mentioned please call and we will let you know if we can cover your area or give you the number of another groomer who does.

Winston in the bath

Why choose Dial a Dog Wash Sandbach? 

As a Mobile Grooming Parlour,  Dial a Dog Wash can save you both time and money, giving you both the convenience of having your dog groomed outside your own home and saving on the cost of transporting your dog to and from the shop. 

I am trained by the Dial a Dog Wash Acadamy and have worked with animals for many years and have a serious passion for dogs. All work is carried out in my specially converted van outside your home. This means no more soaking wet bathrooms,  no hair blocking the plughole  and best of all  no soggy wet dog hanging around the house for hours.

All dogs whilst in my care are given one to one attention and never mix with dogs outside of your household plus they will never be caged at any stage of the groom.

Our turbo dryer dries even the thickest coated dog exceptionally quickly so we give them back to you almost dry so no damp dogs on the living room carpet .  The turbo dryer has the added advantage of removing vast quantities of loose shed hair meaning there is far less to cover your carpets and clothes. Used regularly the deshedding service can substantially reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds.


A great dog grooming service for Sandbach & Crewe but no premium price

With our mobile dog grooming rates starting from only £17 you can take comfort for the knowledge that you’re getting grooming service as good as it gets but not at the premium price that you might expect from a service that offers so much more in terms of convenience. We are absolutely confident that our mobile dog grooming service offers the highest quality but at a price that is set at no more than the level of a standard grooming service.